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Be sure to drag/drop the Pure Core Stack into your stacks editor. This stack enables the use of all Pure Stacks. Do this only once per Stacks page.
1: Adding Images
By default the slider is set to three slides. You will see three image place holders with "Drop Stacks here" sections beneath each one. Those sections are for adding content or captions to each slide (See tutorial 3: Adding Content). For now you can add images to the image placeholders by dragging and dropping the images you want to use from your computer. By default RapidWeaver images are set to have a max width and height that will cause your images to be pixelated. You will need to remove those settings by double clicking the images and deselecting "Constrain Width" and "Constrain Height" in the Layout options.
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2: Changing Settings
After adding images you will notice in preview mode that the slider is very narrow in height. That is because the slider adjusts its height according to the content of your slider (See tutorial 3: Adding Content) If you do not wish to have content in your slider you just need to increase the "Image Padding" until you get a good size to display your images.
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Settings Breakdown

# of Slides

Change the number of slides in your slideshow. If do not wish to have multiple slides and would rather have a single image banner, select 1 as your option.


Turning this option on causes the slideshow to automatically play at a speed you set.


This is the amount time, in seconds, in-between each slide before Autoplay animates to the next slide. This option is disabled when Autoplay is off.

Transition Speed

This is the amount of time, in milliseconds, it takes for one slide to animate to the next.

Navigation Color

Sets the color of the Slider's navigation bullets and arrows.

Image Padding

Adds padding above and below the content of each slide. If there is no content this sets the height of the slider. If you are using this option to set the height of the slider, the value is multiplied by two because it adds padding to the top and bottom.

Fix Position Images

Sets all the slider's images to a fixed position for a nice parallax effect.

New Options (Added v.1.1.0)

Loader Color

Sets the color of the loading bars that displays while the slider is loading all of the contained images.

Background Color

Sets the color of the background of the slider that displays while the slider is loading all of the contained images.
3: Adding Content
Drag any stack into the "Drag Stacks Here" sections to add content to any slide.
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Caption Settings Breakdown

Max Width

This sets a width to your content so that it does not stretch to the right and left edges of your slider images.


This does not set the alignment of the text but rather the content container.

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Pure for RapidWeaver was created to give RapidWeaver and Stacks users a way to create their own custom designed websites while also making it simple, fun, and extremely fast. In fact, this entire website design was created with it.

Pure for RapidWeaver is a product by 1 Little Designer.
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