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This Stack is an advanced version of Stack's built in Text Stack with a few added options useful in when used in conjunction with other Pure Stacks.
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HTML tag

Selecting one of these options will wrap your text in the listed HTML 5 tag. If you are using Pure - Fonts the Heading options will display in the font style set in the "Heading Font".

Set Font Size

Declare a font size other than the default HTML tag value.

Set Line Height

Declare a line height other than the default HTML tag value.

Set Letter Spacing

Declare letter spacing other than the default HTML tag value.

Set Font Weight

Declare a font weight other than the default HTML tag value.


Enabling Breakpoints will allow you to define the responsive behavior of your text sizes. There are two “Breakpoints” that you are able to define. The first one titled “Tablet” is set to 840px which is Pure’s default width for tablet browsers. The second one is titled “Mobile” and is set to 640px which is Pure’s default width for mobile browsers. Adjusting the text values underneath each section will change the sizes for browser widths that are equal to or lesser than the breakpoint value.
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If the default breakpoint values do not fit your specific site well you may adjust by increasing or decreasing them until you get a good fit. It should be said that you are not limited to making adjustments to tablet and mobile browsers (These are just titles with matching default values ). You can set the value to whatever you like, for example 1024px which would allow you to adjust for small desktop screens. If you would like to only have one breakpoint, you can even set the “Mobile” value to 0px and only use the “Tablet” section.

Here are some default breakpoint values that work well with Pure for RapidWeaver: 1280px (Desktop), 1024px (Small Desktop), 840px (Tablet), 640px (Mobile).

Text Shadow

Option to add CSS3 shadows to your text.

Justify Text

As it states, this will justify your text.


Set the color of any links you add to the text.

Link Hover

Set the hover color of any links you add to the text.

Rotate Text

Allows you to rotate your text by degrees using CSS3.

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Pure for RapidWeaver was created to give RapidWeaver and Stacks users a way to create their own custom designed websites while also making it simple, fun, and extremely fast. In fact, this entire website design was created with it.

Pure for RapidWeaver is a product by 1 Little Designer.
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