Pure Buttons
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Be sure to drag/drop the Pure Core Stack into your stacks editor. This stack enables the use of all Pure Stacks. Do this only once per Stacks page.
1: Adding a Link
To add a link to your button just double click the button and highlight the button text. Type what you would like to be written in the button.
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Then select the add link button in RapidWeaver.
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2: Adding an Icon
As long as you have added the Font Awesome Stack to your Stacks page you can add any Font Awesome Icon to your button.
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Just add the name of the icon you want to use to the "fa-" section.

A full list of icons can be found
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Pure for RapidWeaver was created to give RapidWeaver and Stacks users a way to create their own custom designed websites while also making it simple, fun, and extremely fast. In fact, this entire website design was created with it.

Pure for RapidWeaver is a product by 1 Little Designer.
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