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Be sure to drag/drop the Pure Core Stack into your stacks editor. This stack enables the use of all Pure Stacks. Do this only once per Stacks page.
1: Setup
After adding Pure Forms to your Stacks page you will need to enable PHP. To enable PHP navigate to the Page Inspector > General Tab of the Stacks page. Change your Filename's extension to .php from .html.
Then open up your site's Setup Menu > Template Tab. Change Extension to php from html.
Next you will need to add your email to the Email input box inside of Pure Forms' settings.
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Finally add a Pure Buttons Stack to the "Submit Button" Section. This is so you can style your button to fit the design of your site. If you need more information on how to style the button please check here.
Once your page is uploaded and online, visitors will be able to fill the form out and send emails to the address you provided. The Form only works when uploaded online.

Note 1: Most hosting providers only allow you to have mail sent to a email address associated with your domain name. This is for security reasons. In most cases you will need to set up an email address with your hosting provider. For example if you own the domain "example.com", your email would need to be something similar to "johndoe@example.com" in order for the mail to send. If you are seeing a "Mail has been sent!" message and no email ever comes through, it is likely your hosting has this restriction.

Note 2: If your hosting provider does not support PHP you will not be able to use this Stack to send mail. However, most hosts do support PHP. Please contact your hosting provider to find out.
2: Adding More Fields
Pure Forms also comes with four extra field Stacks. These Stacks can be placed into the "Extra Input Fields" section.


Change the "Title" setting to set the value of the checkbox when checked.
Example: Subscribe


Change the "Title" setting to set what the placeholder says. Example: Pet's Name


Creating multiple radio button options requires you to drag/drop multiple Radio Button Stacks into your Extra Input Fields Section. Then change the "Title" settings to the values you want to use and set all of the options to the same unique "Group Name". The "Group Name" is case sensitive and should not include any spaces or special characters. This group name will not be displayed to visitors.


Change the "Title" setting to set what the placeholder says. Example: Please Choose

To add options you need to add <option> tags. Just place the title of the option you want into the text area of the Select Stack and wrap it in <option> and </option>

If you’re having issues getting the Contact Form to work, please try the following:

- Check that your host supports PHP as this is needed for the Contact Form to work.
- Check that the email address entered in the Pure Forms - Settings > Email is correct. Ensure that there is no additional whitespace in the field and that the address uses only lowercase characters.
- If the contact form appears to be working but you are not receiving emails please check your hosting company's spam filtering policy.
- Some servers require email to be sent from the owners email address for security reasons. If so, check the ’Send from my Email’ checkbox in the Pure Forms - Settings.
- Contact your host for advice. Ensure they are able to send an email from the server using PHP mail() and 'sendmail'. (Check below to see a sample message to send to your host.)

Troubleshooting the Contact Form:

If seeing error message:
- There is a problem with your host's PHP setup. It may not be configured correctly to use the PHP mail() function either for security reasons or because they support another PHP mailing system. You should contact your host to determine the best way to fix this issue.

If when attempting to send, nothing happens, there are no errors or confirmation:
- The likelihood is that your host does not have PHP sessions enabled correctly. Sessions are simply a way of carrying information between webpages. RapidWeaver uses them for the confirmation messages as well as spam protection. Contact your host explaining that the PHP session on your contact form page is not working as it should. They will understand what this means and provide a solution.

If email appears to send correctly:
- The Contact Form script is working just fine and it is an issue either with the server not sending the email or a spam filter catching it.

Sample message to send to your host:

I am currently having trouble sending emails via a contact form on my webhost. a) It would appear that everything is working just fine and the mail is sent yet I do not receive an email. OR b) It would appear that the server is unable to send an email from my server using the PHP mail() function. Would you be able to tell me whether I must do anything specific in order to send an email using your servers. The PHP code relies on sendmail and the standard PHP mail() function to send the emails.


Jon Doe
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Pure for RapidWeaver was created to give RapidWeaver and Stacks users a way to create their own custom designed websites while also making it simple, fun, and extremely fast. In fact, this entire website design was created with it.

Pure for RapidWeaver is a product by 1 Little Designer.
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